Ways to Make Maki Sushi at Home

Everyone knows sushi. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that wraps rice with seaweed and some ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables. This dish becomes more prevalent worldwide, and some people love it. This dish is a treat because it doesn’t contain too many carbohydrates, is low in fat, and is excellent for staying lean. Therefore, sushi is an excellent alternative if you are trying to find a diet plan or if you want to be health-conscious.

Regarding this situation nowadays, people can’t eat sushi at restaurants. It makes some people decided to make their sushi at home. At some points, it seems more hygienist and affordable. However, you should prepare the sushi maker kit to help you serve the best sushi at home. The equipment is not that complicated. It includes a bamboo mat, chopstick, Japanese rice, vinegar, salt, sugar, vegetables, and seafood. Therefore, you can start to make sushi at your home. It is a guidance of making sushi at home;

maki sushi

Make the Rice

The amount of rice you may need depends on the amount of rice you want to produce. You will have to be careful with sushi rice, especially when buying your pieces, although you can use regular rice in an emergency. According to some sources, they usually use 300 grams of rice to make about five rolls. Meanwhile, fill a 1/3 cup of the alternative with rice vinegar and divide two teaspoons of sugar into the rice syrup. Then, the rice will become even more sticky and sticky. Finally, it would be best to let the rice cool down as much as possible. However, if you don’t have Japanese rice, you can use typical rice, but cook it anyway for a few minutes. It may be enough to bring a little more sugar and rice vinegar to make it stickier and clump together.

Determine Your Sushi Style

There are many types of sushi out there. In this case, you should make maki sushi, which is the most straightforward sushi to make. However, there are two styles of making maki sushi named hosomaki and uramaki. Hosomaki is the kind of sushi where the rice is turned upside down. Then, the roll is wrapped with a seaweed leaf on the outside. Besides, uramaki is the kind of sushi that many people in America eat.

Choose the Sushi’s Fillings

If you use crab or canned salmon, mix it with mayonnaise to keep the meat together. If you use avocado, put it in longitudinal balls about 1.5-2 cm wide. Besides, you should cut the vegetables into adorable pieces, lengthwise. Moreover, you can add other fillings depend on your favorite. However, it would be best if you matched it with other stuff to get the best taste.

Make Maki Sushi in Hosomaki Style hosomaki style

The first step is to cover the nori for about 5/6 of the route with a thin layer of sushi rice, just enough to cover the nori. Put a piece of your favorite vegetable/fruit and meat mixed with the rice, about 1/4 this way from bottom to top. To roll it up, lift the bottom of the bamboo sushi mat and roll the rice sprinkled with nori on top of the filling you just put on top of the rice. Make sure you put your weight on the bamboo mat with one hand and pull the bamboo mat with the other hand. Continue rolling up the ice cream, and make sure you also roll up the end of the nori, which is without rice. It has been left without rice so that you can combine it with the nori easily, and the meat remains complete.

Make Maki Sushi in Uramaki Style

The first step is to cover the entire nori leaf with a thin layer of rice, just enough to cover the plate until you can no longer see through the rice. This second component can be …